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Book of the Week "The Battle for Halcyon"

Hey Everyone this weeks pick is "The Battle for Halcyon" by Peter Kazmaier
In the first book of The Halcyon Cycle, a risky physics experiment transports the island University of Halcyon to a new world. Meglir, a being of great power, is released from his prison and threatens Halcyon and the tiny refugee colony of Eleytheria.
In The Battle for Halcyon, we follow the struggles of Dave, Al, Pam and Floyd with their Hansa allies as they work to stop Meglir’s army and find a way to return Halcyon home to its own space-time. Surprising new facts about the continent of Feiramar, her peoples, and her history unfold. A new menace, in league with Meglir, threatens from the east. Will Halcyon continue to follow its program of tyranny to establish a secular utopia? Can Meglir be defeated? Can the island University of Halcyon undo the dislocation and return home?

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Showing Emotion #1 DEFEAT


Definition: The feeling of having been mastered, conquered, or bested 

Physical Signals: 
Chin lowering to one's chest
Hands that go limp
A long, low sigh
A thickening voice
Backing Away 
Thick Swallows
Sagging Posture 
Vacant Eyes

Internal Sensations: 
Feeling a pulse in one's throat
Wheezing breaths 
A lack of energy 
A painful lump in one's throat 
Limbs that feel to heavy to move or lift

Mental Responses: 
A desire to flee or be alone
Worrying that others will fell let down or disappointed

Cues of Acute or Long-term Defeat: 
A quaking or trembling body
Uncontrollable Tears 

May Escalate to:

Cues of Suppressed Defeat: 
False Bravado
Shouting, Cursing
A flinty Gaze
Using Anger to feed strength 
Repeating the word 'No'

To Find more info on Showing Emotion check out the Book "The Emotion Thesaurus" by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Author's Corner with J. Rutger Madison

Hey Everyone! 

Today in Authors Corner I have the pleasure of interviewing J. Rutger Madison who is the Author of “A Curse upon the Saints” and it’s upcoming sequel “All Souls Betrayed”

Thank You J. Rutger Madison for being a part of my Author’s Corner post!

Now on to the interview!!!

Always my first question, Why do you write?
I enjoy creating new worlds and telling stories about fascinating characters.  When I was growing up, I scratched this itch through role-playing games. As I got older, it was harder to find people with time to play, so I applied those creative juices to fiction writing.
Do you mind telling us about what you are working on at the minute and what it is about?
I’m working on All Souls Betrayed, the sequel to A Curse upon the Saints.
What genre are your books?
What draws you to this genre?
I am not constrained by the rules of science (as I would be if I wrote science fiction) or history (as would be the case if I wrote historical fiction).  
So give us an insight into your main characters. What about them is so special?
A Curse upon the Saints is told from the point of view of several characters: Nurik, a soldier weary from fighting an eight-year religious war; his sister, Marisol, a priestess; Frederich, a solicitor-turned-soldier taken prisoner; and Renwick, a corrupt cardinal who makes a deal with a race of slavers.
Common among all the characters is they have been let down by authority figures, be they superior officers, their church, or their own family. The story is driven by how these characters respond to such betrayals.
How much research do you do for your books?
I try not get too bogged down in research, because it can be a time suck if you aren’t careful.  However, sometimes it’s necessary to get details right.  For example, I did some research on Renaissance-era fortifications for the climactic scene in A Curse upon the Saints.  I also found a great YouTube video from an English Civil War re-enactor on how to fire a seventeenth-century musket that inspired the shooting lessons scene.
When did you decide to become a writer?
I started writing fiction in 2011. 
What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?
I was visiting my parents and said something my mom found particularly funny. She said that with my wit I should try to write a book.  I signed up for a community enrichment class in writing short stories, and started writing my first novel a few months later.
Is this full-time or part-time?
Part-time.  I don’t expect I will be writing full-time until I am ready to retire from my day job. (I’m a web developer).
Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I usually write after 10 pm. I’m more creative at night.
Do you work from an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
I have a vague outline.  I need to have a general idea of where I am heading.  It is usually no more specific than “Frederich rides to the village of Ronwin where something bad happens.” 
How do you think you’ve evolved creatively as a writer?
When I first started, I tried to write perfectly the first time. I would write a chapter, edit it, write a second chapter, and then edit both of them.  It’s a wonder I ever finished the damn thing!
Now, I am more willing to just write first and edit later.
What do you find is the hardest thing about writing?
Ignoring the editor voice in my head until it’s time to edit.  I’m better about it, but I still I have to resist the urge.
What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
So far reaction to my first book has been largely positive. It warms my heart to know that people loved the characters and world I created as much as I do. Now that I am writing my second book, I don’t want to disappoint my readers. That fear of letting them down makes it harder, but it also motivates me to be better.
What do you find to be the easiest thing about writing?
I’m not sure anything is easy about it.  I do find once I get into a writing session, the words flow off the page, but getting into the “zone” takes concentration.
How long on average does it take you to write a book?
It took me 3 ½ years from the time I started A Curse upon the Saints until I finished it.  I took about six months off from writing it due to my father’s illness and some other personal issues.  I am hoping to have books number two and three released together by late 2016 or early 2017.
How do you market your books?
I’ve tried a few book promotion sites with limited success, but I am mainly focusing on writing the next book.
What do you do to get book reviews and how successful has your quest for reviews been so far?
I find the best way to get reviews is to hold giveaways on LibraryThing or Goodreads.  Getting reviews is even harder than getting sales!  So far between Amazon’s various sites and Goodreads I have ten unique written reviews.
If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?
I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant, but I am not sure I would have wanted to write anything other than my own fiction.  I think that writing is so personal that had I been the one to write my favorite fantasy (Game of Thrones) or literary (The Grapes of Wrath) novels, the voices would have been quite different and they wouldn’t have been nearly as great.  While my own work doesn’t hold a candle to that of Martin, Tolkien, or Steinbach, it is mine and no one else could have written it but me.
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Write. Start now.  Don’t wait. I wish I had started earlier. Don’t let your age be a reason not to start. (I started at 42). Once you start, don’t stop. I regret letting real-life interrupt completion of my first book because I believe I would have had the second one finished by now had I kept going.
And Last Question, How can my readers discover more about you and your work?
Amazon Author Page:
Book Links: (* American, UK, etc.)

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Writing Tips


Why do you write? Since publishing my first book, I have been asked that question a lot. The honest answer is, I write for me. I love hearing that people love my work, it brings a smile to my face, but even if they did not like my book, it wouldn’t matter to me. Not that I am saying I am above them or their opinion doesn’t matter. What I am saying is I don’t let their dislike for my work to stop me from writing more.

I have been rejected by plenty of agents but it will not stop me from writing more. I write for me, I only publish when my work when it is at a point where I like it and find it perfect. Write what you like and you will never have to worry about will others like it. It’s your work; the main person who needs to like it is you.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Book Of the Week "Dragon Shorts: A Collection of Outlandish Tales"

Hi! This Weeks Book of the Week goes to "Dragon Shorts: A Collection of Outlandish Tales" by Charles McGarry 

Within these pages you will find a variety of different stories to satisfy your inner dragon. It is chock full of magic, strange worlds, fantastic creatures (including dragons of course), and numerous other little oddities that are sure to keep you entertained. So, relax with your favorite dragon and be transported.

Journey to the realm of Cartissia where a young ruler must face a despicable evil, and unleash the power within him to stop it.

Enter the parlor of an arcane tattoo artist who can alter the fabric of his patron's lives.

Join a young water mage and her symbiote as they are forced to deal with an elemental corruption that threatens their world.

Follow a consignment store employee in unusual adventures via a magical and mysterious cloak.

These and many other worlds and adventures await you, and are sure to provide you with countless hours of reading entertainment.

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Dragon Shorts: A Collection of Outlandish Tales

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Writing Tips


Writing a book using the same words over and over can make any book dull for the reader. A writer/author needs to have an expansive vocabulary, but sadly this does not happen overnight.

Other Words for VERY,

Actual, Express, ideal, Perfect, Sheer, Simple, dearly, eminently, Extremely, genuine, identical, greatly, profoundly, intensely, strikingly, terribly, overly.

Other Words for GREAT,

Ample, enormous, high, huge, bulky, extensive, gigantic, humongous, voluminous, superb, brilliant, (great mind vs. brilliant mind), generous.

Other Words for PRETTY,

Beautiful, cute, pleasant, graceful, handsome, lovely, darling, tasteful, dreamboat, delicate, tantalizing, captivating, bewitching, fascinating, luring, magnetic.

Other Words for YES,

Affirmative, exactly, certainly, naturally, undoubtedly, accept, acquiesce, accede.

Other Words for OTHER,

More, another, extra, alternative, additional, options, different,

I hope this helps when looking to new words to use in your story.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Authors Corner With R.Weir

Hey Everyone!

This Weeks Authors Corner is with R. Weir who is the Author of the Amazing Jarvis Mann Detective Series!

Before we get started with the Interview I want to give R. Weir a chance to say something first.

"I wanted to thank Andrea for allowing me to speak a little about my books and characters, and posting it on her blog. It’s great when fellow Indie Authors give other Indie Authors a platform to crow about ourselves. I really appreciate her doing this an enjoyed answering the wide range of questions she asked."

Now on to the interview!!!

Always the same first question, which is mostly likely the most important one, Why do you write?

In my teen years I wrote poetry to cope with life, as an outlet. I write now to create new worlds. I’ve always had an active imagination, so it’s good to get those thoughts down on paper or today on bits and bytes.

At What point in your life did you decide to become a writer?

I wrote three novels in the 80’s that I tried to get published, but had no success. I put it aside for many years after getting married and having a child. But in the last few years with self-publishing becoming easier, I took the short story “The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card” I’d written many years ago, updated it and published it through KDP. I received good responses from it, with people telling me Jarvis Mann PI would make a good character for a series. So I wrote the next book “Tracking A Shadow” and continued from there with the latest “Twice As Fatal”.

So, do you write full-time or part-time?
Part-time for now. I have a full-time job as a Network and Computer support Manager. But I hope to retire soon, so I can write full-time, but only when it’s financially feasible. Making a living as a full-time writer is my dream job.

What are you currently working on right now?
The fourth book in the Jarvis Mann series “Blood Brothers” is in the hands of my beta readers right now. I’m hoping for it to be out later this year.

Can you tell us bit about it?

Jarvis goes back to his home town of Des Moines Iowa, where he is summoned by his sister-in-law to find out what his brother is up to. Jarvis discovers he is neck deep in trouble, with the FBI, a local mobster and worst of all his wife and daughter. We get glimpses in flashbacks of Jarvis growing up and how he grew into the person he is.

Since this book is part of a series, tell us a little about it?

Jarvis Mann PI is a down on his luck, barely getting by as a detective, who once in a great while gets a juicy case to work on. He is tough, humorous and resourceful. Also he is pretty flawed personally, especially when dealing with the women in his life.

What are your thoughts on writing a book series?
I enjoy it because I can build on the world around Jarvis, slowly and over time, introducing new characters, while bringing others back.

Give us an insight into Jarvis, what does he do that is so special?

He is flawed in many ways, much of his background and youth I will be exploring in the next book “Blood Brothers”. He is tough and fearless, though fearful at the same time, with a bizarre sense of humor when observing all around him. In the worst situations, when facing danger and death, he’ll joke to defuse the fear inside of him.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?

I write whenever I can find the time. Working full-time and with family obligations sometimes it’s tough to squeeze in, especially in the summer months when we are most active.

Do you write every day, 5 days a week or as and when?

When I get in a groove I can write every day. But life gets in the way to prevent consistency. If I didn’t work full-time I would write most every day.

Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

Nothing that structured. When I get going I can write several thousand words pretty quickly.

Do you prefer typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

All on a computer these days using Word and Scrivener, Long ago when writing poetry it was longhand and I used a typewriter when writing the three novels that were never published.

Where do your ideas come from?

They pop into my head out of the blue, mostly from everyday life experiences.

How do you market your books?

I’ve done eBook promo’s using ENT, BookSends and Kindle Books and Tips. Those three have done the best for me. I also post frequently on FaceBook and occasionally on my blog.

Why did you choose this route?

Mostly because it seems to work well. Marketing is the most difficult aspect of being an Indie Author. If I could find someone to promote for me successfully and not charge a fortune I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Did you do a press release, Goodreads book launch or anything else to promote your work and did it work?

I’ve done author and character interviews, and chapter excerpts on various blogs like this one. I’m exploring Podcast interviews as well. Time is the biggest issue, as all this promo work takes away from writing and family time.

What are your views on social media for marketing?

It works in getting your name out there and recognized, but is time consuming.

Which social network worked best for you?

Facebook is clearly the best.

Any tips on what to do and what not to do?

Do as much as you can, and get others to help you as well to get your name out there. Just don’t let it cut into your writing and family time too much. There is no joy in being successful if you end up doing it alone.
Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors.

Unfortunately my busy life doesn’t leave much time for reading, but I squeeze in as much as I can. Robert B. Parker, Ian Fleming and Robert Ludlum are three I’ve read over and over again. Chris Orcutt is a modern writer I enjoy, for his Dakota Stevens Mysteries

For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or traditional paper/hard back books?

I enjoy both. Nothing like reading a real book, but when travelling you can take thousands of books on a Kindle and easily access them.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Write as much as you can and the way you want to. Solicit advice but be true to yourself. Because one reader hates the way you write, and publishing companies continually reject your work, doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds, even thousands of others who will love it.
How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Amazon Author Page:

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Book Of The Week "Twisted Greens"

Hey Everyone!!!
This weeks Book of the Week Belongs to "Twisted Greens" by. S.M. Dahman

Life is sweet, until a creep calls.

AJ Jameson, a rich kid from the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga., is about to graduate from high school. He has it all—good looks, a terrific girlfriend, a fancy car, brains, and the attitude to go with them. No one should suspect that this wealthy kid has his own lucrative business hidden in the woods.

AJ plans to expand his business to a location by his school once fall semester starts. Little does he know that his plans will soon be derailed. First, his desperate father, Al, is in need of some serious help. Things get even more complicated when AJ begins receiving calls from a mysterious creep, demanding that AJ shut down his operation or suffer the consequences. To further complicate his life, Al’s former business rival, real estate tycoon Colton Hunter, enters the scene and wants a piece of the action as well.

Can AJ shake the creep? Will he cave to the persuasions of a very powerful businessman? Find out in "Twisted Greens!"

Make sure you Check out Twisted Greens
Twitter: @twistedgreenz,
Her Blog

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Fears of Writing #2

       I have so many story ideas running around in my head, but when it comes to putting it to paper sometimes they fall short. I can plan out a story with perfection in my head paper not so much. I cannot tell you how many times I have written and erased words over and over again. There is an art to telling a story and for a while I could not figure it out. For some it comes naturally and for others like me, not so much. Since I wanted this gift badly, I worked at it. I would write and write until I got the hang of telling a story. What helped me was, I started to write fan fiction as a way to work at improving my writing. I would think of a story and how I wanted it to go then I would try and write it out like.

      Now, this took time, I would post chapters and wait for reviews, mostly with my eyes close. Most of my readers would tell me they loved the story idea but hated my writing. Though, I never let it deter me, I would take the story down rewrite it then post it again. I would do this for a while until I got the hang of it and it became more comfortable for me. No perfection without practice. Writing, while a major passion, never came easy for me. Growing up I always wanted to be a writer, and there may be many out there who want to write as well but feel as though they do not have the skill for it. It takes practice, it takes time, it will not happen overnight, so do not worry. Do not give up, I have faith in you all. Never let the haters get you down. If you want to write, write.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Authors Corner with Charles McGarry

Hey Everyone!

Today's Authors Corner is with the Amazing Charles McGarry who is the author of Breaking the Mold: Confessions of a Hippie Ex-Pastor and Dragon Shorts: A collection of Outlandish Tales

I want to Thank You Charles for being a part of this Interview Process.

Now on to the interview!!!
Always my first question, why do you write?

Charles: I write because I love to spin a tale, and also because it’s therapeutic. There is nothing
healthier for me than to escape reality for a bit, and I think that can be said of many people. I love creating a world where others can escape with me.

When did you decide to become a writer, and what was that process like?

Charles: I have always loved to write, but my decision to write full time came in 2010. I have always loved to read great fiction, and numerous ideas for my own stories just started flooding my mind. You could say my subconscious chose for me, haha.

So, what have you written so far?

Charles: My first book was about my exit from church ministry. I was a pastor for three and a half years, and decided there was too much that I could no longer support, so I left and never went back. My latest book is a collection of short fantasy fiction of various kinds. Some classic fantasy, some urban fantasy, and some weird off-the-wall fantasy.

Where can we buy our own copy of your books?

Charles: Currently they are available on Amazon in print and e-book for Kindle.

What genre are your books?
Charles: I primarily write fantasy now.

What kind of research do you do for your books?

Charles: I am a linguist. I studied Greek in graduate school, and am fascinated with the phonetics of language. Some of my tales involve incantations, or foreign languages. Most of what I researched was words. I wanted the phonetics of spells to be believable. I also wanted to use actual language in an appropriate way. For instance, one of my stories involves a phrase in Latin. I have no knowledge of Latin per say, so I had to figure out how a character would speak it. I also had to do a fair amount of research on
Egypt for that same story. Other than that I don’t do much research. With fantasy, so much is rooted in imagination that research is not as heavily needed as it would be for a non-fiction or historical fiction work.

What are you currently working on now?

Charles: I have two different novels I’m working on at the moment, as well as a short story that just kind of…happened.

Do you mind giving us a small insight in to these new works?

Charles: One of my books revolves around an assassin with arcane powers, and the other is about a malevolent dragon who seeks a way to create a horde of genetic crossbreeds
to terrorize his world. The short story is…well, a secret for now. I am toying with
creating a multiverse with my full length novels.

Why did you go with self-publishing?
Charles: It gives me the most control over my product. Other than necessary editing changes, I get to keep my story the way I want it without having a publisher tell me things I need to add or take out. I also retain all the rights to my book, which is huge for me. That’s not to say I’ll never go traditional. If the right deal landed I would consider it.

Since you self-published what is your editing process like?
Charles: Spell check first, and then two read troughs myself. I also have a personal friend who is my primary editor, and I also have some beta readers. I go through about ten or more edits before the final product is ready to go to print.

Tell us about your covers and how they came about.
Charles: The cover for the hippie ex-pastor book was just a photograph of my rope sandals turned into a cover with Amazon’s cover creator. I paid a professional artist for my cover on Dragon Shorts. I wanted it to depict a dragon who liked to read, and was sitting in his reading nook. I told him what I wanted, and he took it brilliantly from there.

Do you think the cover plays an important part in the buying process?
Charles: Indeed it does! The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” is unrealistic. With so many people buying online, the only way to know what you’re getting is by reading the descriptions and looking at the cover. If the cover isn’t appealing, then most people don’t bother going further. I have bought books with horrible covers, but I’m kind of an exception.

Getting your work out there is harder with Self-Publishing so how do you market your books?
Charles: That’s the tough part. I’m not naturally good at marketing, so it has been quite a learning curve for me. I do mostly Facebook and Twitter, and I find I get more activity from Twitter in general, but more sales from Facebook. What makes it especially hard is social media has a heavy focus on paid advertising. So those who don’t pay don’t get as much traction.

Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?

Charles: Be consistent, and post daily. Don’t just post promotions for your book, or you might come across as a robot instead of a human. Let people get to know you. Also, don’t be afraid to pay small amounts for advertising. If you have enough money, budget a little for advertising.

How do you go about getting book reviews?
Charles: I post social updates asking for reviews. I am not a natural asker, but if you don’t they won’t. I also personally ask people I know who bought the book to do their review.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?
Charles: Reviews are reviews whether good or bad. I don’t want sugarcoating. If someone doesn’t like it I would rather they be honest. Everyone is different. All positive reviews makes me wonder if something is fishy.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Charles: Write what you want to and what interests you. Don't just write what you think others will like. If you don't like your own writing, it will usually show in what you put out. I want to write a book that I would also sit and read. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Authenticity is essential as a writer. For me, I had to keep reminding myself that only I can write my stories. If I don’t write then I am cheating readers out of a really great story. The biggest thing I ever did for myself was tell people, all the time that I’m an author. Not an
“aspiring” author, but a real author. That forced me to live up to the reputation I made for myself LOL.

Where do you see your publishing going in the future?Charles: I hope to publish at least one book a year, and make a good second income from my writing. My long term goal of course is to become a famous author. But, even if I didn’t, I would still write for the pure joy it brings me.

Last Question, how can my readers discover more about you and you work?
Website and Blog:
Twitter: @eccentrycdragon
Amazon Author Page:

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Book Of the Week "The Catalyst"

Hey Everyone: This Weeks pick is 'The Catalyst" by Antuan Vance.

They were called the Red.

They came in droves. Their great armies marched through cities and enslaved nations. Some worshiped them. Some surrendered in awe and terror. But when humanity resisted, the Red ravaged the world with fatal radiation and destroyed billions of lives.

After a long, hard fought battle, the Red were defeated. Humanity survived. And they killed every Red until not one of them walked among us.

Or so it was believed.

When Earth's greatest enemy returns, Lukas Brown must send his daughter and protegé west on a dangerous cross-country mission, and retrieve the key component to the world's survival, The Catalyst.

But the road west is filled with more delays and challenges than expected, and Lukas discovers there's more to their newest threat than meets the eye.

Make Sure you Check Out His Book!

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Author's Advice by S.M Dahman

Hey Everyone!!!!

I am starting a new post called Author Advice. It will be words of advice from other Self-Published Authors in the Indie Writing World. 

Today's Advice comes from S.M Dahman who is the Author of Twisted Greens. 

As a new independent author, I've committed many errors along the way. However, as is the case in life, with every error I’ve made, I've learned something new and valuable. Here are 3 critical things that I’ve learned along the way in my 5-month journey so far: 

1. Hire an editor. Editors are your friends! Yes, they can be rather expensive, but they are essential! No matter how strong of a writer you are, you’re going to need a professional editor. A good one will not only point out your grammatical errors, but she or he will help you become better writers by teaching you how to hone your craft (e.g. streamlining your plot, making sure it’s logical, how to make the characters or your plot more realistic, etc.). By the time you’re done working with an editor on your project, you’ll see your story from different angles that you never could have imagined. 

2. 2.Start building your platform while you’re writing your book. In regards to marketing, this is actually the number one thing I wish I would have known from the beginning. If you’re intending to be self- published, you’re going to need to start pumping up your book before you even send it off to an editor. Social media is a great starting point, but don’t limit yourself to just that. Tell everyone you know about it! You never know who may be interested in the story you’re telling. 

3. 3. Finding your audience (or tribe) takes time. Boy does it! Finding your audience does indeed take time and it also ties into cultivating your platform. The best starting place in building your audience is to start with yourself. Now, this may sound strange, but bare with me as I explain. People tend to hang out with other people who have similar interests as themselves. This is no different when it comes to readers. If you’re a person who loves to smoke, jam out to Bob Marley, and wax philosophical, more than likely your work will reflect that as well, in some shape or fashion. You can start seeking your audience out by finding those individuals who enjoy doing the same. If you do seek likeminded people out on social media, don’t only “favorite” or “like” a tweet or a post, actively engage (say why you like that comment, why you favorite that picture). You never know what opportunities a simple comment may lead to. I hope my 3 tips have helped someone out there. If you’d like to know more about me or join me in my journey as an independent author, you can find me on Twitter: @twistedgreenz,, or my blog at

Stephanie (S.M.) Dahman

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fears of Writing #1


This was and still is one of my biggest fears but I have not let it stop me from writing. I love to write, however, I have always wondered if anyone would care to read what I wrote and would they like it? Then I stop for a second and think, do I care? I know that sounds a bit harsh but, honestly, it is the truth. If you love your work why let someone else’s opinion stop you from doing what you love. Along my road to publishing my first book I encountered people who hated it, they told me it was over done, not well written, just plain boring. Still, I still published it, and I have gotten some pretty cool reviews as result. While I do not have huge success and there are those who still do not like my writing, I will not let them hinder me.

Do not let anyone stop you from achieving your goals because they don’t like it for you.

It’s Your Life!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Author's Corner with Sarah Sunday!!

Hey Everyone and Welcome The Author Corner!Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Sunday who is the author of ‘How to Stop Wildfire’

To start here is Sarah with a little bit to say about herself.

“Hello! I’m a dedicated world-builder and my books are like one massive, complicated genre-mashup. There are spaceships, magic, alien races, and gods all co-existing in the same universe that I have been crafting for many years. The amount of detail I have made for my stories and worlds is pretty crazy, but I’m little bit crazy too, so it all makes sense.”

Now on to the Interview!
My first question is always the same…why do you write?
Sarah: I write because I love it and because I feel like I am obligated to write all my ideas out, bring my characters to life, and immortalize the stories for myself and others.

At what point did you decide to become a writer?
Sarah: About five years ago. It has taken me around three years to hone my craft and decide what I want to do with writing.

What are you working on at the minute?
Sarah: The second book in The Adventures of the Trinity and the One. It is titled ‘Harmonic Waves’.
So, what’s it about?
Sarah: Harmonic Waves picks up right where How to Stop Wildfire ends and explores the past of the character Cyclone. It is more of a slower, questioning piece than How to Stop Wildfire. It is like the reaction to the events that happened in the first book and how all the characters respond and adapt.
Now, do you write full-time or part-time?
Sarah: Part-time. Writing is my hobby.

Is there a special time you write or how is your day structured?
Sarah: I write whenever I have free time and when I feel I am able to write effectively. I don’t try to structure it or anything, doing so would just make the process painful, and the work would show that struggle.

So this book is part of a series, do you mind telling us a little about it?
Sarah: The Adventures of the Trinity and the One is just that: the adventures of a group called ‘the Trinity and the One.’ This group is made up of four strange people who have been declared to be ‘divine heroes’ and protectors of the universe. Two of them are fully on-board with the idea, while the other two are not on best terms to begin with and are tentative about being a part of the group. The entire group is madness, but they still feel obligated to act as heroes and do their duty. The series is about their beginning, their struggles and triumphs, and what defines them. And of course all the shenanigans they get into.

What are your thoughts on writing a book series?
Sarah: I love it. I love planning ahead, foreshadowing, setting the stage for things to come and weaving all these tales together in a coherent narrative, and seeing it all put together. It is like one giant puzzle that I am engineering, and when I finish a part of it I feel ecstatic.

Outside of writing do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?
Sarah: Most of the books I read are older and considered ‘classics,’ but I do read some more recent novels. I like Isaac Asimov, J.K Rowling, and Russell Kirkpatrick.

For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or traditional paper/hard back books?
Sarah: Paper for me! Although I love the portability and economy of e-books, there is something special about holding a print copy. I also love the smell of old-musky paper.

Give us a small insight into your main character. What does he do that is so special?
Sarah: King Fla’neiel is the main character of How to Stop Wildfire. He was raised and bred to be a monarch, but his plans for life are derailed when his planet falls to ruin and he is the only survivor. Instead of being broken by grief and being ‘emo,’ Fla’neiel is very self-aware of what is going on and has a dry wit. He knows very well how insane things are and does his best to deal with it, which in his case is seeking what destroyed his people. He is ill equipped to revenge his people, but his determination makes up for it.

Now one question that I know is on every self-published authors mind how do you market your books?
Sarah: Twitter, Goodreads, and G+. I post what I’m doing, updates, deals, and so on. I’m also beginning to branch out to sites that promote free/discount books.

Why did you choose this route?
Sarah: Well, I don’t use facebook (crazy, I know) so I had to try out different methods and stuck with what felt comfortable for me. The communities on G+ and Goodreads have been extremely supportive.

Did you do a press release, Goodreads book launch or anything else to promote your work and did it work?
Sarah: No, I didn’t do any of those things. Planning to for my next book, though.

What are your views on social media for marketing?
Sarah: I don’t think it works all too well. It feels like a giant echo chamber. It works if you are already established, I think, but not if you are just starting off.

Which social network worked best for you?
Sarah: Goodreads: I’ve met very helpful authors and readers, and have learned much about the business. The support-groups there are absolutely fantastic!

Any tips on what to do and what not to do for other writers?
Sarah: Make sure you are happy with the finished product. Don’t be hasty and push out something you aren’t fully behind. Cover art is important—don’t skimp it, but also make it something you are proud of. Don’t do something you aren’t comfortable with to cater to some ‘audience’ or another.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Sarah: Write for yourself, not for others. And don’t give up. Ever.

So my last question, How can readers discover more about you and you work?
Sarah: By going to my website, ‘The Spine of the Empire.’ I post about self-publishing, myself, and info about the series onto it. There are also a couple free downloads of some of my short-stories that people can take advantage of.

Amazon Author Page:

Thank You Sarah for stopping by, I am so happy that you were able to take time to have this interview with me. Make sure you check out her book!


Writing Prompt!

Today’s prompt is all about escape, your boss locks you and your coworker in the office for the weekend. You are on the 10th floor and the doors are on a time lock until 7am Monday morning. There is no food or bathrooms in the part of the office you are locked in, the power is off and your cell phones are in your cars. How do you escape the office?

I hope you have this!

Let me know what you guys write I would love to read them!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1st Draft Tips

Here are some helpful tips when writing your 1st draft.


One of the worse things you can do when writing your 1st draft is stopping and editing along the way. This is more harmful than helpful.


Free writing is a great way to get all of your random thoughts on to paper without worrying about the flow. That will come later.


There is no rule that says you have to write the book in order. If you are stuck on one chapter do not worry about it. Move on to another and come back to that one later.


Show your readers what they are seeing do not tell them.

Until New Time!!!!

Book of the Week "How To Stop Wildfire"

This Weeks Book of the Week Goes to How to Stop a Wildfire by Sarah Sunday.

Humans, although they believe otherwise, are not alone in the universe. There are thirty other races in the universe aligned as the entity known as the Empire. In the Empire, all are immortal; their lifespans are potentially infinite. With magic and the extreme technological advancement of the Empire, nothing is impossible.

King Fla’neiel, of the race of Flana, a member of the Empire, knows better than anyone what can possibly happen in this great Empire. He is the last of his race after a dangerous weapon brought calamity to Flana. For thousands of years he has been searching for this weapon so he can destroy it and avenge his race. Then the weapon suddenly resurfaces on Earth and King Fla’neiel is propelled into action.

But he is not the only one searching for this ancient weapon; there are other forces that are interested in claiming it. Formidable forces such as dogmatic guilds, a deranged robot, and the infamous and ridiculous intergalactic outlaw, the self-proclaimed Evil King Cyclone that care not for the end of Flana and its survivor.

King Fla’neiel’s quest has become far more complicated than expected and it has only just begun.

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A Chat With Gail Matelson!!

Hello everyone and Welcome to my first Interview in the Author Corner! Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Gail Matelson who is the author of ‘Broken Routine’.

I want to thank you Gail for being a part of this, but without further delay on to the interview.

Just to start off with the most basic question, why do you write?

Gail: It started out as a passion 15 years ago… However, now it’s also transcended into a healthy addiction. I’ve been writing a minimum of 25-30 hours every week for six years. It’s so much fun to write… very similar to reading an engaging in a fascinating book.

At what time did you decide to become a writer, and what was that process like?

Gail: Initially I wrote a memoir/travel narrative right after I returned from a year long road trip in which I circled the United States by myself. When I completed the autobiography, I began to write my first novel, “Private World.” The experience of writing a novel transported me. It was freeing because, unlike the autobiography, I didn’t have to confine myself to facts or even realities, limited only by my own imagination. I found that the characters in a novel took on a life of their own and, to this day, they guide the plot and relate their own story. I simply follow. I loved every minute of writing then and still do now.

Over the course of these past 15 years what have you written?

Gail: I have published eleven fiction novels:
Private World, Romance and Murder
The Building: Hidden Deep Within
Last 90 Days, Book 1 of the Archie Trilogy
Advance Notice, Book 2 of the Archie Trilogy
Reactive Heart, Book 3 of the Archie Trilogy
Between the Trees, the Nature of Murder and Mystery
Broken Routine
The Lost Pages, a Lucy Travis Mystery
Ward Pipper’s Sacred Estate
Misunderstood, A Play Script
Sharing a Breath, A Mysterious Short Story

In addition, I published a two non-fiction books. Once I knew how to self-publish I indulged my whim by publishing my poetry, “Poetry with a Spiritual Twist,” and a short outline of my successful foray into lowering my cholesterol. “How I Lost 30 Pounds and Lowered My Cholesterol 81 Points in 4 Months.”

Where can we find your books for ourselves?

Gail: Currently they are all available for .99 on Amazon as well as Nook, iBooks and Kobo. I also have a Goodreads page where one can find several additional reviews for the novels.

What genre do you find yourself writing most about?

Gail: My novels are all unique mysteries covering a wide spectrum from dark to inspiring. I like to mix an endearing story with a good murder mystery! Some of the mysteries have a metaphysical, romantic and/or humorous thread woven into the plot. Many have fantasy themes right alongside realistic character profiles. Most of the novels have twists and surprise endings. I always include a Yorkshire Terrier dog in my novels in honor of my son’s dog Tate.

Do you do any research for you books?
Gail: I frequently call on my own experiences for authenticity. My recent release “Ward Pipper’s Sacred Estate” is a murder mystery which takes place at a spiritual retreat. In my own personal history, I have lived at a yoga ashram for a total of four years. While the two places are extremely different and have little in common, I was able to draw on my own spiritual experience and knowledge to make the book authentic.
Are you working on at the minute and do you mind telling us about it?

Gail: I am currently writing the sequel to “Between the Trees.” The working title is: “Between Bailey and the Sixth Tree.” This is another fantasy/murder mystery. The storyline is so creative and fun, I am considering using the sequel’s storyline for a children’s book as well… but will take out the murder portion of the story.
For a harder question, what is your favorite book that you have written so far and why?
Gail: That is a hard question. I usually favor the book I have just written. I would say “Between the Trees” and “Last 90 Days/ the Archie Trilogy” have made a great impact on my life. I created such credible, lovable, fantasy characters that I believe they are real in some way.
How often do you write a week and do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

Gail: Mostly I write for a minimum of 25-30 hours a week. I actually try to take several days off in a week just to make sure I am fresh when I write. No, I don’t have a set amount of words; it’s a completely creative process. I have noticed that I can now easily write 2,000 words in a day compared to fewer than 1,000 when I first started.

What do you find is the easiest thing about writing?

Gail: It’s always a flow and never a struggle. I don’t anticipate the story. It comes to fruition as I type. I also love editing a completed draft. I think editing is where the book takes shape.

On average how long does it take you to write a book?

Gail: I’ve spent several years writing many of my books. They sit and then I pick them up several times with a fresh take. However, I notice that most of the time I spend five to nine months on a book. The more I write, the speedier the process.
Do you ever get writer’s block and if so do you have any tips on how to get through it?

Gail: Fortunately, I’ve never had writers block. Maybe it’s because I don’t generally outline a story. My stories either flow or they don’t. I never force writing. The stories flow and honestly, I don’t know what I’ll be writing prior to the experience. I may have a title, a first line and an idea of one character’s potential transformation, but then off it goes. Too fun!
What is your editing process like?

Gail: I edit over and over and over. Each book is unique. On “Ward Pipper’s Sacred Estate” I edited the first chapter over and over before I continued with the rest of the story. That was a unique process. Usually I write the first draft, and then I start at the beginning with full edits. The most difficult book to edit was “The Building, Hidden Deep Within.” When a book includes alternating time periods, it is a real challenge because of continuity. Jumping ahead in time and then coming into the present requires a lot of organization. After I do all I can (hundreds of edits), then I give it to my friend who edits line by line, and developmentally.

Why did you decide on self-publishing?

Gail: On several of my books, I spent many hours writing proposals and soliciting agents, who in turn will solicit a publisher. The process was arduous and unsatisfying for me. I realize that a publishing house can be a great benefit, but I have also heard that they can hold your book for several years prior to publishing. In addition, I love to have control over my own product. I am able to edit the book content whenever I like. And I am able to gift my book to readers when I chose to do so.
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Gail: Allow the process to flow. Each writer has a different technique. Many prefer to work off an outline; others love to research their topic. I would suggest that you find a process that you enjoy and then stick with it. Make it fun and exciting for yourself and your readers.
Where do you see publishing going in the future?
Gail: I am hoping the public will find that Indie writers and self-published authors are credible. A great story is what we are all seeking. I hope that will always be the priority. I also price all my e-books at .99. I wish more authors and publishers would do the same. Reading eBooks’ shouldn’t only be for the wealthy.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your writing?
Gail: I write primarily mystery novels because a mystery never limits the storytelling experience. I am able to mix multiple genres within the framework of a suspenseful murder mystery by expanding and detailing a character’s personality and life. Humor, metaphysical undertones, self-doubt, sadness, romance and transformation are all part of a good story which will engage the reader.

Last question, how can my readers discover more about you and you work?

Gail: They can find more about my work at:

Amazon Author Page:
As well as on Goodreads:

Thank You Gail for taking the time out of your schedule for this little Interview. Make sure you check out one of her multiple books on Amazon and Goodreads.

Until Next Time!


Book Of The Week "Broken Routine"

Hey everyone,
The Book of The Week is…
Broken Routine by Gail Matelson

Dan Wiseman was passionate about his job, almost too passionate to realize that he was falling in love. Dan was an investigator for the District Attorney’s office. He had been handed an assignment that proved to extend beyond the initial crime.

Ryan Albright managed to avoid conviction, primarily because his first court case was only a stepping stone in his plan to commit the perfect murder. Ryan was handsome but arrogant, and believed that he could outwit Dan or any other member of the prosecutor’s team.

Ryan survived an abusive father and the murder of his mother, but the betrayal of his girlfriend proved to be his undoing. Creating a plan of revenge consumed four years of Ryan’s life and was the primary motivation for each and every move that he made. He targeted Gaya Asher because of her routine pattern of behavior and the ease with which she was manipulated.

Dan is challenged by Ryan Albright’s unpredictable actions and he is intrigued by Gaya’s predictable and routine lifestyle.

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Self Publishing

So when I started this project of writing a book I didn’t fully understand how much work it would be involved.

While I am so proud to have accomplished this huge task I wish there were a few items I knew before hand.
 Like getting a copyright, which was pretty simple, I used Legal Zoom it was quick and easy but there is a fee.It wasn’t until I was near the end that thought about the copyright. Then there are the questions, does a copyright from one country keep you safe in another. Do I need multiple copyrights for multiple mediums of my book. These are some of the questions I wish I knew the answer to at the time.

 Buying the ISBN number was something I didn’t think about until the last minute. While $125 is a lot for one number there are some great deals for grouping them. Also you need a different ISBN for print, for e-book, for audio-book and if you decided to print another edition.

 Next step was the cover. How do you pick the perfect cover for your book.You need something that will draw in everyone just by looking. Picking the cover was a hard one for me. I had the perfect idea but not the talent to carry it out. I went through two artist, both let downs before I decided to try it myself. Word of advice if you can’t draw don’t try to make your cover it doesn’t work out that well. I ended up coming up with a cover that I didn’t love but I could use as a place saver. My saving grace was one of those sites where you can buy the rights to use a photo. I found this site two days after I published my book, and even though I wish I knew about it beforehand, I am happy that I did find it. The cover that I do have is perfect and fits my dream cover to a tee.

 After publishing my book came the hard part, and one of the most expensive parts, Advertising it. I knew I was going to sell some to family and friends but I didn’t just want to count on them I couldn’t. I needed to Advertise my book and that cost money and to do it well it cost a lot of money. So there is a slow start to getting a self-published book out to the known world. However, with Social Media the way it is today it does give you a chance put your product out there with out emptying your wallet as much. Though to truly promote it in the way it deserves it does cost money.

 When you self publish you hold many hats, the writer, editor, cover artist, agent, publisher, and marketing agent. I spend many nights just reading and trying to understand all that I need to do to get it and then keep my book relevant. I must admit there are days when I am ready to cry because it is frustrating not knowing all that I need to be doing or if I am doing any thing right. This is not an easy job. Self Publishing is not as easy as it seems there are a lot of aspects to publishing a book, but there is also a huge feeling of self satisfaction that comes with the finished product.

 Andrea Rose Washington