Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fears of Writing #1


This was and still is one of my biggest fears but I have not let it stop me from writing. I love to write, however, I have always wondered if anyone would care to read what I wrote and would they like it? Then I stop for a second and think, do I care? I know that sounds a bit harsh but, honestly, it is the truth. If you love your work why let someone else’s opinion stop you from doing what you love. Along my road to publishing my first book I encountered people who hated it, they told me it was over done, not well written, just plain boring. Still, I still published it, and I have gotten some pretty cool reviews as result. While I do not have huge success and there are those who still do not like my writing, I will not let them hinder me.

Do not let anyone stop you from achieving your goals because they don’t like it for you.

It’s Your Life!


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