Thursday, August 20, 2015

Writing Tips


Writing a book using the same words over and over can make any book dull for the reader. A writer/author needs to have an expansive vocabulary, but sadly this does not happen overnight.

Other Words for VERY,

Actual, Express, ideal, Perfect, Sheer, Simple, dearly, eminently, Extremely, genuine, identical, greatly, profoundly, intensely, strikingly, terribly, overly.

Other Words for GREAT,

Ample, enormous, high, huge, bulky, extensive, gigantic, humongous, voluminous, superb, brilliant, (great mind vs. brilliant mind), generous.

Other Words for PRETTY,

Beautiful, cute, pleasant, graceful, handsome, lovely, darling, tasteful, dreamboat, delicate, tantalizing, captivating, bewitching, fascinating, luring, magnetic.

Other Words for YES,

Affirmative, exactly, certainly, naturally, undoubtedly, accept, acquiesce, accede.

Other Words for OTHER,

More, another, extra, alternative, additional, options, different,

I hope this helps when looking to new words to use in your story.

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