Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fears of Writing #2

       I have so many story ideas running around in my head, but when it comes to putting it to paper sometimes they fall short. I can plan out a story with perfection in my head paper not so much. I cannot tell you how many times I have written and erased words over and over again. There is an art to telling a story and for a while I could not figure it out. For some it comes naturally and for others like me, not so much. Since I wanted this gift badly, I worked at it. I would write and write until I got the hang of telling a story. What helped me was, I started to write fan fiction as a way to work at improving my writing. I would think of a story and how I wanted it to go then I would try and write it out like.

      Now, this took time, I would post chapters and wait for reviews, mostly with my eyes close. Most of my readers would tell me they loved the story idea but hated my writing. Though, I never let it deter me, I would take the story down rewrite it then post it again. I would do this for a while until I got the hang of it and it became more comfortable for me. No perfection without practice. Writing, while a major passion, never came easy for me. Growing up I always wanted to be a writer, and there may be many out there who want to write as well but feel as though they do not have the skill for it. It takes practice, it takes time, it will not happen overnight, so do not worry. Do not give up, I have faith in you all. Never let the haters get you down. If you want to write, write.

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