Monday, August 24, 2015

Book Of the Week "Dragon Shorts: A Collection of Outlandish Tales"

Hi! This Weeks Book of the Week goes to "Dragon Shorts: A Collection of Outlandish Tales" by Charles McGarry 

Within these pages you will find a variety of different stories to satisfy your inner dragon. It is chock full of magic, strange worlds, fantastic creatures (including dragons of course), and numerous other little oddities that are sure to keep you entertained. So, relax with your favorite dragon and be transported.

Journey to the realm of Cartissia where a young ruler must face a despicable evil, and unleash the power within him to stop it.

Enter the parlor of an arcane tattoo artist who can alter the fabric of his patron's lives.

Join a young water mage and her symbiote as they are forced to deal with an elemental corruption that threatens their world.

Follow a consignment store employee in unusual adventures via a magical and mysterious cloak.

These and many other worlds and adventures await you, and are sure to provide you with countless hours of reading entertainment.

Make Sure to show him some love and check out his work!!!!

Dragon Shorts: A Collection of Outlandish Tales

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