Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fears Of Writing #3

My Grammar Sucks….

You have this story you are dying to write but fear sets in.......

Grammar is not your strong point but guess what… it’s not mine either. My grammar could

use a bit of help. I don't know why but grammar was 

never my strong point, but never fear there is always someone who can help.

Editors to the rescue! 

My editor is my best friend, my saving grace, my writing

life line. Without her I would be lost, and my writing would just die.

She sat me down one day and explained there are two types in the writing world. 

The Writer or The Editor

(for the most part you are either one or the other) 

I am a writer, I have the ideas, I have the words, I have the story and she

makes them flow correctly. She is the one who makes them readable!

(Side note: she does not look over any of the posts I put up

here so.... sorry) 

Having bad grammar is not the end of the world, and as long as it’s

not texting grammar, you can still write! This fear is an easy fix. 

But please try to improve your grammar even when you do find your own awesome


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