Saturday, September 26, 2015

Facing the dreaded Writers Block:

Writers Block is every writer’s worse nightmare….I know it’s mine.

The complete halt of any new ideas forming can put a strain on anyone’s writing and really start to stress you out.

Here are a few ways to chip away at the dreaded Writer’s Block.

1.       Free Writes

Free Writes are a chance for you to clear your mind of every thought in your head whether or not they are related to the topic at hand. Sometimes we can’t focus on our work because we have so much running through our minds. We need to make some open space for new ideas.

Free writes are a mind dump; call it cleaning out the attic. All you need is a paper and pen (try not to use a computer) and a set span of time and let go. Don’t worry about your spelling or grammar, just get everything out on paper and you can review it later. This is why I find it is better to do a free write on paper rather than a computer so you are less likely to back space and try to edit as you go along.

2.       Step Away

Sometimes Writer’s Block comes because we are so stressed over our project. We are trying to force ourselves to pump out more and more every day. This is not good for the creative process. You cannot force ideas…they should come organically in the writing process. If you feel your writer blocks stems from this then put your work down for a week or two. 

Your Brain needs a break! Go outside, go for a run, and read a book not related to your genre. See a movie just don’t think about your book. Give you brain time to rest! I know it seems like I am asking a lot, asking you to walk away from your masterpiece but trust me it will work. Writing comes better when it’s not forced. If you just step away for a week you will come back feeling refreshed and ready to finish your masterpiece!

3.       Change your Writing Spot.

As writers we tend to find inspiration from everyday situations and surroundings. If we fall into the same routine day in and day out it can start to grow stale. We need a new environment to draw in new ideas. If you write at home, try going to a park, or a book store or even a coffee shop. 

If you go to the same coffee shop everyday try a new spot or even a new time, switch up who and what your see.

With a few changes you can defeat the dreaded Writers Block!   

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