Friday, November 13, 2015

Showing Traits! "Curious"


Definition: Marked by the desire to investigate and learn. 

Similar Attributes: Inquisitive

Possible Causes : 
Having a naturally inquisitive outlook.
Growing up in an environment where exploration and asking questions was encouraged
Having a thirst for knowledge.
Possessing an adventurous spirit

Associated Behaviors: 
Asking questions
Having strong observation skills
seeking out people with similar interests. Listening in on the conversations of others
Collecting things
Showing disdain for rules, boundaries, and limits.
Not becoming bored easily
Losing track of time
Joining groups or clubs
Breaking rules in order to follow an idea or interest
Thinking about the What if?
Obsessive tendencies

Associated Thoughts: 
Look at the two of them whispering. I'll corner Ella later and find out what's going on.
Interesting, how different animal species huddle together in specific environment.
Before Harold cast his fishing line, he rolls his wrist. I need to ask him why he does that.

Associated Emotions: 

Positive Aspects: 
Curious characters are drawn to problems or inconveniences that other people would choose to avoid.
Characters who are curious easily stumble upon mysteries or involve themselves in dangerous matters . they can conveniently introduce conflict into a story line.

Negative Aspects: 
Curious characters are often impulsive, acting with out thinking. They can be single-minded to a fault.
Those who are curious are frequently more interested in their current topic of exploration than their relationship and may not understand or appreciate those  without a similar level of curiosity.

For More Help in figuring out Traits for your Characters make sure you check out The Positive Trait  by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi

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